Les secrets de la communication – les techinques de la PNL

Les secrets de la communication – les techinques de la PNL – Richard Bandler, John Grinder – Les éditions de l’homme – 2005


Human uses 3 perception systems, eyes, hearing and proprioception. Language and words have different meaning for everybody relying on main perception system of an individual, therefore words are understandable because they are referred to a past experience.
The language is a boundary, because to formulate a feeling of an experience it necessitate a translation into words, that reminds me Mc Luhan.
Memories (of experiences) is part of the process, I think it begins to be a problem that computers record/archive the first raw impression of events we live. Our memories always adapt and evolve in order to select part of events that are important for us.
Among the other interesting themes of that book I noticed that proprioception might be my main system of representation OR/AND the thing I miss in digital technologies leading me to work on my actual problematic. I found echoes of that question of proprioception into “The hidden Dimension” by Edward T. Hall where he talks about physical proximity and social distances.
In the end, I think that feelings of people towards digital technologies rely on their usages, their perception system, etc and that my research might evolve differently if I run it into different countries.

Non verbal aspect that can be detected for communication are eyes movements, breathing rhythm, skin color and heat (hands and face), voice ton, body movements, etc.


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