Inspiration to start building fictions

Two references I often give during my talks/courses:

The 6 words novels (already evoked in an earlier post)
The “Meanwhile” video, close to a “what-if” routine


Imaginaires, technology & filiation

I collect every adverts or documents I find, related to a sense of historical filiation in technology evolution or, in other words: Traces of “imaginaires” of innovation.
For instance I collect youtube videos, like this one, on my my Youtube channel, in this specific playlist .

Here are a selection of them:

The “past-future” of iPhone?


• Nicolas Nova

Why do I blog this?
Except the fact it is funny, I find this old desktop metaphor in a way reassuring, as it reminds of well-known interactions (the ones considered as simple/natural), the first ones we’ve learned, while this is no skeuomorphism, it is symbolic/iconic/pictographic. And I wonder, would it reassure older generations?