Place de la toile – Comment les twitt et les texto nourrissent l’analyse en profondeur

Place de la toile 09-01-11 – Lecture de la semaine (38:28) – Comment les twitt et les texto nourrissent l’analyse en profondeur
Edito de Wired janvier 2011 – By Clive Thomson
That article shows how instantaneity, connectivity and semi-public social relations brought new ways of communication that are accused to made us loose our desire for slow and reasoned contemplation. But they are interesting for reflexion on the long run.
It’s from the mass of instant messages that rises an overall meaning of an event, those messages are not meant to be relevant, trustable nor precise. Actual trends shows that longer blog articles are more popular but unlike magazines in the old days, the product of a long reflexion dropped online stays archiveddated and accessible in (almost) the same format that the day it was published. The content itself becomes the only witness that time has passed.
New forms of communication might be accepted for the good they bring and shouldn’t be a deception of expectation over phantasmic social uses they potentially allow.
Same goes for Facebook superficial social interactions that people misjudge as they are compared to IRL true conversation where they are closer to futile archived expressions of phatic function of communication.

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