Telepresence workshop, Brainstorming

2014-03-17 21.05.33
We did keep the physical traces of the brainstorming sessions but no pictures – at the time when I write this – unfortunately.
We mainly listed problematic situations we encountered while using telepresence devices (from a simple phone to skype).
We structured the ideas in around 10 ideas, we finally kept 06 or 07 projects, among them 2 or 3 could become critical design projects.

3 where R&D projects
SkypePuppet – controlling remotely an arm coming out from the screen
Omnidice – cubical telecomand to control various telepresence webcam in a room
Reskype – simple R&D on skype
3 had the potential to become critical design projects
Photo Steal – steal pictures from the mobile-phone camera of a close friend
TimeFrame – delayed skype to resynchronise your day time when living in two far countries

Bonus picture from the Pantheon on my way from Ensad, after work
2014-03-16 18.50.19

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