Exhibition: Alive, at the design frontiers

A source of inspiration from “design fiction” practitioners:
The “Alive” exhibition at Espace Fondation EDF – http://thisisalive.com/ – reminds me a lot the work of Dunne&Raby and Gaver’s work at RCA and Goldsmith. Not surprising as the exhibition is curated by the french designer Carole Collet—Reader in Textile Futures, TFRC, Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts—which might be close to Gaver’s work. The design fiction approach applied to biotechnologies is a good match and the most interesting part of the exhibition was the public reaction. I especially remember a couple of grand-parents nearly terrified—between astonished and shocked— in front of some films. However, unlike in Dunne&Rabt usual stance, “the ethical and social questioning presented in a fictional form” is a bit more obvious.

Text from http://thisisalive.com/about/ – “IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE BIOLOGICAL FABRICATION REPLACES TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURE, PLANTS THAT GROW PRODUCTS, AND BACTERIA GENETICALLY RE-PROGRAMMED TO ‘BIOFACTURE’ NEW MATERIALS, ARTEFACTS, ENERGY OR MEDICINE. This world is happening right now. Today, designers and artists have begun to either embrace or rebel against this bioengineered world and as a result, new design directions are beginning to emerge.”

I would like to make a focus on the Echromi project which—in my sense—takes “design fiction” to a next level as it vulgarize scientific facts, explore new scientific possibilities thanks to design and seems (is?) makable today. Learn more: http://www.echromi.com/

Exposition Alive-Fondation EDF-Paris_2013-00-www.officiel-Galeries-musees.coms

Exposition Alive-Fondation EDF-Paris_2013-02

Exposition Alive-Fondation EDF-Paris_2013-03

Exposition Alive-Fondation EDF-Paris_2013-05

Exposition Alive-Fondation EDF-Paris_2013-06

Exposition Alive-Fondation EDF-Paris_2013-07

Exposition Alive-Fondation EDF-Paris_2013-10

The rest of the picture in a gallery:

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