The brief – Masters final project

Presentation of my final year masters project under the form of a self made brief.

(BRIEF) HEAD Research Lab would like to explore nowadays state of emotional/affective digital communication. On the first hand, through series of experiments you will have to criticize modern tools of communication, the way they involve our senses and modify the nature of our social interactions, on the other hand you will have to conduct a research on the potential of human-dogs relationship in over-distance human communication—project code name, Rindog. (CLIENTS AIMS) HEAD Research Lab’s goal is to make a solid and credible report/critic on modern media of communication and our everyday emotional/affective social interactions. The series of small experiments will stand as basic ground illustrating and justifying this report. The Ringdog project will take the critic at an extreme point aiming to get integrated by volunteer users in their life and habits, changing the way they communicate. (TARGET MISSION) Concerning Rindog, potential users range is wide, basically anyone having a dog and a mobile phone. Best case you will be having a teenager, a young adult, a mid 30’s person, an over 50y.o. person, women and men. (MISSION) Your mission will be to conduct a series of experiments—criticizing senses involvement and emotional social interaction of nowadays personal media–following a precise protocol, then to extract conclusions that will inspire iterative prototypes for the Rindog project. (TIME SCALE) You have 2 months (BUDGET) Half of your spending will be refund until 1000F (CONSTRAINTS) Find dog owners, No long period tests durations, Necessitate product design skills, Product design on animal, Electronic material commands takes time (CONCURRENTS) Research for that by yourself.

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