Place de la toile – 2010 the year when technology replaced the discussion


Place de la toile 16-01-2010 – Lecture de la semaine (15:40) – 2010 the year when technology replaced the discussion.
Article Sur le site Essay Today 30 dec 2010 – by Sharon Jason
That article brings Turkle arguments on how technology physically socially disconnects us because they ask for to much attention to entertain digital conversations to Tom Fisher arguments bringing the facts that statistics of IRL (In Real Life) contact didn’t decrease a lot while digital communications  raise substantially.
While some people feel their social link getting distended in their own family some others (like Xavier Delaporte) feel that they didn’t wait for new technology to get dissipated in an IRL conversation but those new ways of being dissipated are much less futile.
Sherry Turkle – Alone Together
Tom Fisher – America Calling, Social History of Telephone to 1940 (1992)
Tom Fisher – Still Connected Family and Friends in America since 1970


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