The Hidden Dimension – Edward T. Hall

La dimension cachée – Edward T. Hall – Edition du Seuil, 1971
Multiple level of communication as a network around vebalised com
Communication goes at multiple level all around verbal communication. For instance, emotionally, there is a dependency between biological reactions and human behavior.
But ethnic and cultural background of users make them privilege different parts of their sensory system, different perceptions that might be traduced in different usages of digital technologies and different feeling towards emotional sensibility that allow the machine.
Concerning perception systems, the importance that seems to have touch, smell or proprioception and the way they link us to the world surrounding ourselves is something that disappear with digital technologies. The impact that can have immateriality of digital technologies is maybe what I am criticizing in my problematic.
Digital media talks to too few senses, as shown in this image.

Overload of information does already happen for our senses therefore we learn to condition our sensory system comparing to our environment and culture
We filter information in order to select the important ones, even if we miss some, in my point of view computers make enhance this overload of information (and social contact) because it archives everything.
Human has a need for solitude, isolation. the book talks a lot about social and physical distances that human sets with people surrounding him. However, as media are prolongations of human they are also access points (intrusions) into its intimate personal space. Our devices are personal public intruders, Trojan horses.

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