Keywords and problematics

Here is a new list of selected keywords used to formulate some problematics for the theoretical part of my project.

interpersonal communication
computer-based social interaction
to feel connected
channel message compression
alternative communication
non-verbal communication
embedded and embodied source of interaction
non-voluntary reaction

• Main one: How could digital communication be augmented with a layer of embodied cues?

    How could we mitigate the lack of “emotional depth” of digital communication messages with non-verbal input?
    We can feel assaulted or troubled by the smell of someone who put too much perfume. Or by someone who talks to loud or adopt specific body posture. Could we in the digital communication?

• State of the arts: What are the ways to (as input) communicate an emotional state with nowadays tools of communication? (smiley…)

    How could our future digital communication interfaces look like?
    Are we going toward a possible omnipresence of screens in communication devices?

• Kind of “conclusion question”: What would be an (tangibly) augmented digital-communication? A empowered diminishment faking real live social interaction? (tangibly/emotionally)

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